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Why Buy Bennington Pontoon Boats?

Bennington pontoon boats began in 1997 by people who have similar goals and visions. They have risen to the top of the industry ever since and now they are trying to duplicate their success in the fiberglass sport boat market.

Bennington pontoon boat manufacturers believe that their boat is far superior and different from their counterparts. They believed that being the best in the following departments, upholstery, lounges, interiors, floor plans, accessories, fit and finish gives them a step ahead over their competitors. To top this, they also give the best warranty in the industry.

The quality of work is what gives pride to both the manufacturers and owners of Bennington pontoon boats. Their main ingredient for success is their keen attention to details. Their boats are the most solid and quiet-riding on the water because of the way the build their pontoon from rails, deck brackets, upholstery and even their captain seat.

Welding the boats rails before anodizing is what makes Bennington pontoon boats durable. The rails won’t be discolored by rust because it is now stronger and smoother. They added more stability by welding it on four sides. Not only they use thicker rails on their boat, but also they strategically placed them on the frame of the boat and not on the wooden deck. They are made of solid material and not of hollow tubes.

Bennington pontoon boats use thicker and stronger material for their deck brackets, compared to the weak aluminum brackets that their competitors employ. The have four points of contact across the top of the lube, two more than the usual. This is to distribute the stress evenly and stabilize the whole set up.

For additional comfort, Bennington pontoon boats place a lot of emphasis on their seats. The foam they employ guarantees a combination of support and comfort. Mold and mildew are a thing of the past when it comes to the vinyl they placed on the boat.

They even built the captain seat to last against the “bottoming out” problem where creases would form and eventually would lead to wear and tear. The Bennington pontoon boats, they may expensive but it is truly worth the price.

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