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They Are All Lined Up: Power Boat Manufacturers

The world of power boating can be a mystifying one. There are so many different types of power boats. They come in different sizes, shapes and fulfill the possible dreams of very different people. Admittedly, most power boats focus on the term “power”, but they are also about family, good times and rock and roll. They are for outings on the lake, deep-sea fishing and rescuing people as well as screaming across the finish line ahead of the competition.

To match the variety of power boats is the plentitude of power boat manufacturers. They come in all sizes and from all over the world. They range from customized one-offs to cardboard cut-out models, assembly line to single or few-personed shops. They are large corporations or small entities. They are also companies with years of experience, some having started shipping building in the 1900s; and corporations who just sprung up a few years, months or even weeks ago.

While power boat manufacturers can operate at either end of the extremes, they can incorporate within their framework a smaller company. It may be one they have taken over, like Yamaha has taken over Century, or it might be a small specialty shop originating to handle specific customers.

Douglas Marine, maker of the notorious Skater and Predator boats, has been in business in the United Kingdom for over one hundred years. Like Baja, who has only been around since the 1970s, both are power boat manufacturers, both specialize in high performance speed boats, both can customize their boats.

Everyone has a love of their own particular boat be it a high performance racer or a fishing tug, a family cruiser or a “hot” sporty number. Some people restrict themselves to purchasing from the same company or buy the same brand all their lives. This is called brand loyalty.

Some companies work to obtain this kind of following. They do not “knock out” carbon copies without singular character or excellence. They provide excellent warranties and assurances of product quality.

There are also companies who go that extra mile to ensure continued customer satisfaction and even develop a family or relationship of sorts. Albemarle, for instance, holds annual events for the owners of its line of family fishing boats. It is not a competition hosted in a belligerent fashion. It is a get-together intended for owners to get to know each other and the company on a more personal way.

Power boat manufacturers also try to connect with current and previous purchasers by keeping a high profile. They sponsor competitions, appear in racing events and boat shows and create a presence on various websites. These can be their own specific site or those hosted by various boating periodicals or informative e-zines.

This is not to say power boat manufacturers are not involved with the world on a charitable level, nor that they do not care for their customers, it is simply some are more customer friendly than others.

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