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The Best Fishing Boat Rental

If you are looking for a fishing boat rental but cannot decide on what to get, I can tell you a little bit about a boat I had great experience with and why. While when looking for your fishing boat rental you may not be able to find this exact model, hopefully you can use what I describe to help pick out one that will work for you.

My Fishing Boat Rental

I had planned a fishing trip up into northern Michigan for many years and when I finally pulled the trigger on it I knew I was going to need a fishing boat rental. I did my research and finally settled on what I thought was the perfect fishing boat rental – a 24 foot Stamas. This boat appeared to be the perfect fishing boat rental. One of my buddies was pushing for a sail boat charter, but I decided that that would be more work than it was worth, so we settled on the Stamas.

The Stamas is a great lakes fisherman vessel that has a 198 Mercruiser Engine and Outdrive with a 10 horsepower Evinrude trolling and safety engine. The 198 provided more than enough power for us to get where we needed to go quickly. The Evinrude was perfect for trolling and looking for fish once we got there. In addition our boat had a depth finder and GPS, a marine radio and all the needed safety equipment. As a bonus it came with extra rods and reels, but for the most part we had our own.

The best feature of this boat was the cuddy cabin. With 2 bunks, a porta potty and other bench seats there was more than enough room for me and my buddies and we were able to sleep on board with sleeping bags. This fishing boat rental gave us the freedom to explore and fish where we wanted to. Because of it we were able to catch a plentiful amount of fish and even stop, set up camp and cook some right there.

Whatever your needs, if you are looking for a quality fishing boat rental I highly recommend the boat from Stamas. It met my need and the needs of all my friends perfectly. If I had to do it all over again there is not another boat I would look at or chose. Take a look at one and make the decision for yourself.

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