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Steel Or Aluminum Boat Trailer

A boat trailer is an important piece of equipment for boat owners. This is because a boat trailer allows the boater to safely transport their boat to and from the water. In addition, a boat trailer allows the boater to safely move the boat from the trailer to the water.

Therefore, it is important to select the right boat trailer. The basic decision should be the choice of materials that the boat trailer is constructed from.

Steel Or An Aluminum Boat Trailer

There are basically two materials that are utilized to construct a boat trailer. Those two materials are steel and aluminum.

In addition, the choice of whether a boater purchases a steel or aluminum boat trailer is dependent upon the water craft that they own. Specifically, if the avid boater owns jet skis, canoe, a small rowboat or boat that is less than 23 feet in length they can generally utilize an aluminum boat trailer.

However, any watercraft larger than 23 feet usually means that the individual will need to utilize a steel boat trailer. In addition, as with all products, it is best to know what the manufacturer’s recommendations are and to follow them.

Pros And Cons Of An Aluminum Boat Trailer

If a boater has the option of whether to choose a steel or aluminum boat trailer there are many factors to consider. Some of those factors deal with the durability of the trailer, depending upon the choice of material, while other factors include economic reasons.

For example a steel boat trailer is a stronger and more durable trailer because it incorporates the strength of steel. In addition, due to its structure, the steel trailer can accommodate more powerful accessories. One of those accessories is a boat trailer winch that can be used to pull larger and heavier items towards the winch.

However, there are many disadvantages to using a steel boat trailer. For example, because of the heaviness of steel, it takes a bigger vehicle to tow the boat trailer and boat. In addition, due to the greater weight, it is a drain on the wallet because of poorer gas mileage.

One other caution associated with steel is that it is susceptible to rust. Therefore, especially if used around salt water, it is important to care for the steel boat trailer and treat any possible signs of rust.

On the other hand with aluminum boat trailers the payload is generally lighter. This in turn allows a smaller vehicle to tow the trailer and water craft. Additionally, the lighter aluminum boat trailer is less of a strain on the use of gasoline.

The drawback to an aluminum boat trailer is that it is a lighter metal. Subsequently, extreme damage can occur if it is struck by a heavier metal or object.

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