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Small Fishing Boat Vs. Large Fishing Boat

Most people when considering the purchase of a fishing boat forget to take the size and where they are going to fish most often into consideration when making the decision. Yes, it is true that the boat retailers would like to have each of us pick out one of the larger pricier boats and tell us how we can enjoy fishing with all our friends. But the salesman forgets to mention the small fishing boat. They do not take into consideration any of the following:

  • Fuel costs of running a larger boat
  • Transportation issues of moving a larger boat
  • Where you are going to fish, on a lake or river
  • It is easier to maneuver a small fishing boat

Small Boat vs. Big Boat

The issue of wheather to have a small fishing boat or a larger fishing boat depends more on what you are intending to use the fishing boat for. If, for instance you are going to do mainly river fishing, then a small fishing boat would be a safer bet because there is more flexibility when needing to move around. Also a small fishing boat will fit easily into coves and outlets. If you are planning to go lake fishing or you could take a larger boat because there is less need to maneuver yourself. With a larger boat you can also attach a larger engine which can be used on lakes. Another item to consider would be what fish you are intending to catch. Using a small fishing boat allows only so much room for you and a couple of friends, the bait, tackle, and fish. If you are simply going to go out with your child and relax, then a small fishing boat would be ideal. Large boats are better accommodating to groups of four or more.


Large fishing boats would include charter boats and deep sea boats. Small fishing boats would include row boats, John Boat or a sport fishing boat. A small fishing boat can handle an electric engine or a small horsepower. Large fishing boats need engines up to the size that power cars and small trucks. Larger boats may need more than one person to handle them depending on the size. A small fishing boat can be run and maintained by one individual.

So when you go out looking for a fishing boat, make sure to take into consideration its intended destination and how many people are going to be using it. You also want to consider how often you will be using the boat since larger boats take more to maintain.

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