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Ski Boat Accessories Can Help Keep Skiers Safe

Water skiing is one of the most popular of the water sports and there are many ski boat accessories available to help make it more enjoyable for the skiers as well as those operating the boat. In addition to the skis, rope and personal floatation devices needed for the skier, there are some ski boat accessories that should only be used by properly experienced skiers. A center mast to which the rope as attached to enable them to literally run rings around the boat, should only be used by experienced skiers driven by a boater with experience in their use.

One of the most oft forgotten of the ski boat accessories is a ladder to help the skier get back into the boat. Although many ski boats are equipped with a rear deck to make entering and exiting the water easier and more convenient, not everyone has one attached to their boat. Typically, they are only available on boats with an inboard motor as they get in the way of outboards. Having the right ski boat accessories such as swivel clips on which the ski rope attaches can help prevent the rope from becoming twisted and tangled at the end of the excursion.

A rear-facing seat is one of the almost necessary ski boat accessories to enable the spotter to keep their eye on the skier. If the skier falls and no one sees it, they could end up treading water for hours until the driver realizes they are missing and tries to locate their bobbing head among the wavers.

Safety Is Paramount With All Water Sports

No matter what type of ski boat accessories are mounted on the boat, they should be carefully inspected before every trip to the lake. Cleats and clamps to hold the rope to the water can be worked loose due to the rigorous job they have and if they snap loose while pulling a skier they could hit the person on skis or fly back and hit someone in the boat. Unlike accessories designed for a fishing boat, ski boat accessories are made for pulling people on the water at a much faster speed.

Instead of having the ski lie loose in the boat, creating possible hazards to others, another of the ski boat accessories many avid skiers use are racks into which the skis can be safely and securely stowed until used. Coated with a protective finish to reduce damage to the skis, they keep them handy when needed and secured while traveling into the deeper parts of the lake.

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