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Required Boating Equipment Can Vary On Engine Placement

There are many pieces of required boating equipment that will vary depending on the size of the boat and the location of the motor. From personal floatation devices and fire extinguishers to bathroom facilities on larger vessels, failure to meet the minimum requires established by the United States Coast Guard can result in fines and the possible loss of the vessel. While some of the required boating equipment may not seem logical, there are reasons of safety and environmental protection behind each item required.

The type of required boating equipment will vary based on the type of engine with which the boat is equipped. Those with outboard motors do not require some of the equipment that is mandated on boats with an inboard gasoline engine, such as backfire flame arresters and ventilation fans located in the engine compartment where fuel vapors can accumulate and present an explosive hazard.

However, there is required boating equipment that will be the same on all boats, regardless of length, type and placement of the engine as well as shape of the boat. For example, when buying a new boat some night say with tongue in cheek that they want all the bells and whistles, but with some boats these are required boating equipment. Being able to be seen and heard on the water, especially in the event of an emergency, the bells and whistles can be lifesaving devices.

Accessibility Is Key To Using Safety Equipment

Nearly everyone knows that every person onboard a boat must have a flotation device available, but some do not realize that storing them in a locked cabinet in the bottom of the boat is the same as not having them at all. When an emergency arises, the boater may have mere seconds to get to their required boating equipment and if it is locked up or buried under other equipment they may have to jump ship without this life saving equipment.

Additionally, some of the required boating equipment may be available with other boating accessories to make storing the equipment more convenient as well as making it available when needed. The first aid kit, while maybe not mandated, is one of the accessories that can come in handy in case of an injury while on the water. Lights are another required boating equipment feature that can also help be seen at night while providing some illumination to look over maps of the lake to find the way back to the dock after dark.

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