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Pulling Can Be Easy: Boat Trailer Winch

There are many accessories that can be added to a boat trailer. In addition, rather than just making the trailer look good, the majority of boat trailer accessories serve a practical use.

For example a boat trailer accessory could be a bootlock. A bootlock can be a locking device placed on the boat trailer wheel or wheels to prevent someone from taking the trailer when the individual or family is out on the water in their boat.

Another practical boat trailer accessory is a boat trailer winch. The importance of this accessory is seen in its use and how it is constructed.

What Is A Boat Trailer Winch?

A boat trailer winch, although an accessory, it is a critical piece of equipment that can be attached to the boat trailer. Its use helps to reduce heavy labor associated with the boating experience.

Specifically, a winch is an apparatus that turns a spool through the use of a hand lever or, if electrically powered, through a motor. In addition, encircling the spool is a heavy duty chain or a strong nylon cord. Also, at the loose end of the tether is a large heavy duty hook. This allows for the hook to be attached to various heavy objects so that the object can be pulled towards the mounted winch.

What A Boat Trailer Winch Is Used For

The specific purpose of the boat trailer winch is to easily facilitate the return of the boat from the water to rest securely on the boat trailer. Generally, the hook end of the tether is securely attached to the boat. Once the hook has been attached then the winch is activated. This activation slowly pulls the boat from the water to rest securely on the trailer. Often the boat trailer wheels are backed into the water utilizing the boat ramp so that the floating boat is pulled on to the trailer.

In addition, if utilizing a manual boat trailer winch it is important to maintain pressure on the rotating lever. This will allow the smooth and safe operation of returning the boat to the boat trailer.

Also, the use of a manual or electric boat trailer winch is dependent upon the size of the water craft. Generally, the rule of thumb is that any boat that is 23 feet or less is small enough in weight and size to allow the easy docking of the boat on a trailer. Therefore, any boat that exceeds 23 feet should be moved to the trailer from the water using an electric boat trailer winch.

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