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How To Maintain A Boat Trailer Wheel

It could be easily argued that the boat trailer wheels are the most important part towards the safe operation of a boat trailer. This is due to the fact that if a wheel goes out not only will the boat be in jeopardy, but the safety of the vehicle pulling the trailer could be compromised.

Therefore, it is important to maintain the boat trailer wheels. In understanding this statement it is important to realize what could go wrong and ways that the boat trailer wheels can be maintained.

Things That Could Go Wrong

Boating can be a pleasurable recreational hobby. Generally, boaters transport their boat, canoe, or other water vessel to the water using a boat trailer. Once the boat or watercraft has been launched then the individuals enjoy fishing, water skiing or just floating on the water.

However, things can go wrong. Sometimes those occurrences happen while the family is on their way to the outing. One of those mishaps can happen to boat trailer wheels.

Also, many boaters opt to go the route of boat rentals. Often this is cheaper, but still does not release the boater from insuring the safety of the boating experience for that individual or the family.

Ways To Maintain The Boat Trailer Wheels

Therefore, if an individual owns their own boat trailer, one of the important preventative measures that can be taken is to care for the boat trailer. Specifically, boat trailer wheels. That is because they take the most punishment and if the boat trailer wheels fail they can create a real safety hazard.

Therefore, the treads should be checked prior to any aquatic outing. In particular, the tires should be checked for any uneven wear, bald spots or bulging. Also, the boat trailer wheels should be checked so as to make sure that the proper air pressure is maintained. Often the recommended air pressure can be found in the manual or near the wheel well. Maintaining the proper air pressure will not only help with gas mileage, but will help to minimize any needless pull or sway exerted upon the vehicle that is pulling the boat trailer.

Therefore, because the boat trailer wheels are often immersed in water, it is important to check the wheel bearings. Specifically, these wheel bearings must be greased according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Also, many manufacturers of boat trailers suggest that the wheel bearings be repacked on a consistent basis. Often that recommendation for repacking the wheel bearings is every three months. Again it is important that the owner follow the recommended timetable to ensure the safe operation of the boat trailer.

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