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Different Types of Fishing Boat

There are many outdoor leisure activities; fishing is one of them. While many a man, and woman, love to fish along the side of a body of water, a great number of people who fish love to be out on the water with their fishing boat. A fishing boat gives them more maneuverability and speed when moving around the lake or up and down the shore of a river. Along with this, a fishing boat allows fishermen to carry their tackle and gear with them for easier access.

Fishing Boat Materials

A fishing boat can be made out of many different types of material that are available today. In days past, wood was the most common material used to construct boats. With wooden boats you needed a sealer to add to the hull so it remained water proof. With the creation of modern industry, it became possible to construct a fishing boat out of metal. Along the way, the aluminum fishing boat was found to be more durable and easier to move and handle. The aluminum fishing boat is still widely popular today in many areas of the world and has all but replaced the wooden fishing boat. Within the last few decades the fishing boat has begun to show up with both fiberglass and plastic construction. These new materials are heavier and are less prone to damage and weather conditions.

Fishing Boat Types and Names

The term ‘fishing boat’ can broadly cover many different styles and types of boat. The size, style, seating and material used all determine what type of fishing boat you are talking about and what conditions they are used for.

Aluminum Boats – range in size from 14 to 22 feet and hold two or three people on aluminum seats. An aluminum fishing boat is sometimes flat (called a Johnny Boat), or V Bottom with casting desk.

Fiberglass Boats – this fishing boat is larger than an aluminum fishing boat in that it is usually 15 to 30 feet long. These boats are used mostly with small gas or electric engines for speed and endurance.

Multi-purpose Fishing Boats – these boats are used for both fresh water and salt-water fishing. This type of boat is able to be used when pursuing many types of fish. This boat spends a great deal of time in the water.

Bass Boats – the smallest bass fishing boat is 16 feet long, but they can go up to 26 feet. The bass boat has a low, sleek profile and are designed for two or three fishermen on board at a time.

Center Console Boats – this type of fishing boat is used for the rougher offshore waters and is used mainly for ocean fishing. This type of boat comes with rod holders, outriggers and other gear mounted onboard.

Inflatable Boats – this type of fishing boat range in size from small 8 foot dinghies to 30 foot performance boats. These are suited for both saltwater and freshwater fishing as well as water sports.

Sport Fishing Boats – these boats are for chasing large fish. This fishing boat comes with sleeping quarters, cooking area, and plumbing and can stay on water for days.

These are just some of the varieties of fishing boat available today. There are others such as the Walk Around Boat used on large waterways and the Folding Boat used with RV’s and camping. A fishing boat can cost anywhere from just over $100 to a few thousand depending on what you want.

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