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Boat Cover Accessories Add To Boat’s Life Expectancy

One of the most popular items for boats, considered a necessity by many boat owners is a cover to protect it during inclement weather as well as when transporting a boat on a trailer. When buying a cover, there are also some boat cover accessories that owners may want to look into to help protect their investment. There are some obvious boat cover accessories that will be needed, such as bungee cords to help hold it into place, although many custom-fitted covers are equipped with snaps to hold it securely to the boat.

Depending on the type of cover chosen for the boat, some of the boat cover accessories can help prevent damage to the vessel while in storage. Waterproof plastic covers provide the best protection against weather damage, but they can also hold in moisture in humid conditions. This trapped humidity can lead to dry rot of any wood parts on the boat and one of the boat cover accessories available include small vents that can be sewn into the cover to allow the plastic fabric to breathe.

Usually sold as boat cover accessories are wooden or fiberglass bows that hold the cover into position. When stored outside, even covered, snow and rain can accumulate on the cover and pull it down into the boat, With these boat cover accessories in place, the rain and melted snow is guided off the boat’s flat surfaces helping to protect not only the boat, but the cover as well.

Ensure Boat Cover Stays In Proper Position

Having a boat cover without a way to hold it in position is more like laying a sheet of plastic over the boat. When transporting the boat the cover might come loose and end up covering any vehicle following the boat trailer. Some of the boat cover accessories needed include tie-down straps, which for larger boats can be equipped with ratchets to insure the cover remains in place.

Many of the boat cover accessories can be found at outlets that sell boat parts and accessories and should be capable of fitting the boat’s overall design. Adjustable rods can be used to form a stable support system for the cover to keep it in position and, when secured to the boat, provides an effective cover even during heavy rains or storms.

When looking for boat cover accessories to help protect the craft, buyers should look for a proper fit for their boat as well as ease of use. Without many of the boat cover accessories providing quick coverage as well as uncovering the boat, many owners will not use them, leaving their boats to the hands of the elements.

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