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Advantages and Disadvantage of an Aluminum Fishing Boat

There are a multiple assortment of fishing boat styles and types today. Each has its own use and specifications. An aluminum fishing boat is one of these. The aluminum fishing boat can be as small as 10 foot but can go up to a huge 24 foot long on some specialized models. Aluminum boats can come in both flat and V shape designs as well as a pontoon style. An aluminum fishing boat can be used as a charter fishing boat when you simply want to rent out a boat for the day or weekend.

Advantages of Aluminum Boats

While there are advantages to any type of fishing boat out there; the aluminum fishing boat has some advantages all to itself. With the greatest competitor against the aluminum fishing boat being fiberglass boats, the aluminum boat has many thousands of fans. Some of the advantages are:

The aluminum fishing boat can be customized and painted to resemble just about any other kind of boat you desire.

Aluminum boats are preferred for most man made lakes because of their rugged build and can resist being punctured by underwater trees and other submerged items.

Aluminum boats are resistant to rust, decay and drips. Many aluminum fishing boat has seen use for decades.

The ability to repair or fix aluminum boats is rather easy. Most repairs are done with welding or hammering out dings and dents.

Aluminum boats are fuel efficient because of their light weight. If you have no fuel, they are also easier to row than most other types of boat.

An aluminum fishing boat can be carried by one person depending on the size of the boat. Most other boats, made from fiberglass need five people just to move it around with more amounts of time and energy.

An aluminum fishing boat can be customized by the user to gain the best function from the boat that is wanted by the user.

Dangers of Aluminum Boats

While there are many advantages of using an aluminum fishing boat, like anything else there are also disadvantages as well.

An aluminum fishing boat is not good for use when there is bad weather approaching. Lightning can easily target the boat and the users in it.

Aluminum is not good for salt water fishing because the salt is corrosive and will eat away at the rivets. This will eventually cause the aluminum boat to leak or crack.

Aluminum fishing boats are not as flexible as fiberglass boats when it comes to shaping and customizing the boat.

Aluminum fishing boats are not as sleek on the water as fiberglass boats and tend to plow the water as opposed to pushing it aside. This allows some water to get into the boat from the splash.

Aluminum boats do not run as smoothly on water as fiberglass and tend to give riders a choppy ride.

Aluminum boats can not carry as much fuel as fiberglass counterpart. Therefore extra fuel cans are needed for any long trips away from shore.

Depending on what you want to use your boat for, an aluminum fishing boat can be a better or worse choice.

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