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A General Idea of Charter Fishing Boat Tours

For people looking for an interesting day trip or an add on to a vacation, renting a charter fishing boat can be an affordable option. If you are a fisherman and always wanted to try deep sea fishing, getting a charter fishing boat is also a good choice to see if you actually like it. Another type of person whom might show interest in a charter fishing boat would be those wanting to book a different kind of group outing rather than the usual tour or inland fare.

What comes with the charter fishing boat is basically everything except the fish and your friends. You get a captain who runs the boat; you get taken to where the charter company knows the waters and knows the fish will be found; you even get the rod and reels, bait and tackle, and licenses for everyone in your party. Many charter fishing boat excursions are family friendly and affordable. You can go out for as little as four hours with some boats, and up to a full day with others. Most people expect a charter fishing boat to be a small fishing boat, but they are not.


To get a charter fishing boat expect to pay in the range of $1500 per party of six. Most, if not almost all, boats will not carry over this because of Coast Guard regulations. Most charter outfits will ask for a $500 deposit due within a week of the scheduled trip to ensure the time. Most charters have cancellation policies and are according to the call of the boat captain if you do not cancel ahead of time. One thing to note is that the crew of the boat is usually tipped for their service and this is not included in the price of reserving the charter fishing boat.

Where They Are

So you have decided to go ahead and schedule a charter fishing boat for your group. But, now you have to choose which one and what type of fishing you want to do. There are outfits working out of almost any town that has access to the ocean be it Atlantic or Pacific. A large group of these boats operate off of the coast of Rhode Island, or Cape Cod, or off the Florida Keys in the Gulf of Mexico. Many offer both inland fishing where you fish closer to shore, and deepsea fishing.

What Fish To Expect

Yes, swordfish are a known fish on these trips, as are some shark. But there are many other varieties of seafood that you might encounter while on your charter fishing boat. Such fish as wahoo, sailfish, marlin, barracuda, and tuna can be found along the shores of the Atlantic depending on the season and where you go. Most fishing boats are out during the summer and early autumn months with the fishing season. While out on the open water on your charter fishing boat, you can also expect to find fun and some excitement when the first fish is caught on the line.

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